Grimm Aerosol is a German company who provides dust monitors for occupational, environmental and emission measurements, particle spectrometers ranging from nanometer scale to several tens of micrometres, particle counters and classifiers, equipment for filter efficiency tests, aerosol generators and equipment for measuring toxicological substances and for calibration purposes.

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Dekati is a Finnish company specialised in instruments for real-time measurements of a wide range of particles and equipment for sampling, dilution and aerosol conditioning. Dekati has a special expertise in instruments for real­-time measurements, which was pioneered by the ELPI instrument. Dekati instruments are used in various applications such as combustion (diesel and petrol engines, biomass, oil, coal, etc.), ambient air, working environment, pharmaceutical (e.g. inhalators), defence, security and material processing.

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Testo is a German company specialised in the sampling, dilution and measurement of nanoparticles in combustion processes and ambient air. The background is that activities of the former Swiss company Matter Aerosol have been integrated in testo. The Rotating Disk diluter was revolutionary in the development of the so-called “thermodilution” principle, a system for removing volatile particles in sample gases. This principle has since then been further developed to testo’s measurement system for on-board measurement of particles, testo NanoMet3. Another well-known instrument is testo DiSCmini, a handheld instrument for measurement of nanoparticles.

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Topas is a German company specialised in particle analysis, sampling and dilution, sensor technology as well as aerosol generation and dust dispersion. Topas provides the most comprehensive selection of instrumentation and equipment for filter testing, clean room testing and aerosol generators for various applications.

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Ecomesure is a French company mainly involved in distribution of instrument and development and manufacturing of integrated measurement systems. Ecomesure offers high competence in the physical measurement of aerosols, ambient air quality and emissions, industrial hygiene and security under good technical procedures. Ecomesure provides products for, among other things, stack emission measurements in real-time, samplers for personal exposure (MPS) for measurements in working environment and equipment for sampling and dilution of smoke stack emissions (USD). Ecomesure is also a distributor of other products than their own but ExIS is only distributing Ecomesure’s own products.

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Last update: 2017-11-22

Pegasor is a Finnish company who has developed the novel Pegasor Particle Sensor (PPS). PPS can measure particle mass and number emissions in raw engine exhaust at varying temperatures and pressures. At up to 100 Hz sampling rate, PPS can offer unrivalled “true” fast time response. PPS is an ideal instrument for on-board measurement. Besides stand-alone operation, PPS will also be used as a component in integrated measurement systems. Future applications of the PPS technology include air quality, stack emissions and an OBD sensor. 

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