The ExIS staff, based on extensive experiences in particle measurement, can provide services as listed below even if our main business is the sales of instruments.

1. Leasing of instruments

We supply instruments for leasing in cooperation with our suppliers and that concerns in particular the primary instruments for particle measuring, dilution and aerosol generation. Often, the leasing cost would partly be deductible if the instrument is purchased later. We can also give you hints about professional institutes using our instruments for customer services.

2. Measurement services

We can make the required analysis for you using our own instruments. This is an exceptional service that we normally only perform as a complementary part in the sales of our instruments. We can also give you advice about institutes who are carrying out such services.

3. Consultancy and training

We are always prepared to answer your questions in conjunction with a probable purchase of our instruments and as an after sales service. This support is normally free of charge but we can also undertake larger commissions in this field on consultant basis. Training is often a part of our undertaking when instruments have been delivered.

4. Instrument maintenance

In cooperation with our suppliers, we can repair, service and calibrate you instruments.


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Last update: 2017-11-22

Available instruments

Most instruments from our suppliers are available for demonstration, leasing etc. In some cases, we can also conduct measurement services. We have also some instruments readily available and can offer them on short notice. The following instruments are available:

 NEW! DiSCmini demo instrument from Matter Aerosol is now available for demonstrations! DiSCmini is a hand-held instrument for real-time measurement of nanoparticles (note that its relative size is exaggerated on the picture below).

 ELPI instrument from Dekati including dilution equipment. ELPI is one of the most flexible instruments and can be used in most applications.

 Optical particle counter (OPC, #1.109) from Grimm for measurement applications such as e.g. ambient air quality, working environment and occupational health.

 Aerosol generator (ATM226) from Topas for all types of liquids used in aerosol generation.

 Pegasor Particle Sensor (PPS-M) for measurement of particle mass and number in vehicle exhaust and smokestacks.