Below, a couple of event (e.g. fairs, workshops, seminars and conferences) are presented regarding new instruments and where ExIS and/or our partners are participating.†


Fairs/Conferences††† ††††††† ††††††† Workshops††† ††††††† ††††††† ††††††† Seminars

Documentation from Dekati seminar in Stockholm, October 9, 2017, 11:45-16:00

During October 10-11, the ďNordic Flame Days 2017ď was held at KTH in Stockholm. As a separate event the day before, ExIS and Dekati organized a seminar to present Dekati products and to discuss results and experiences from practical measurements in this field. We will also demonstrate an ELPI+ instrument at site.

The documentation from the seminar is now available. Just send an e-mail and ask for it.


Customer seminars 2017/2018

In the future, ExIS will organize customer seminars in a somewhat different way than in the past. Previously, each seminar has been dedicated to one of our partners. Now, we will focus on specific topics instead. Thus, we will invite 2-4 of our instrument suppliers for holding lectures at these seminars. Break-out sessions could be held in parallel to cover all topics. We presume that this way of organizing seminars will be more time and cost effective for you as a customer. As in the past, there will be no seminar fee for participating at our seminars.

Besides the seminars, we will intensify our contact with previous and potential new customers by visiting you at site. We will bring a couple of instruments for short demonstrations to these meetings.†

Detailed programs for each customer seminar will be issued well before the seminar. Questions could be mailed or communicated on phone
+46-73 944 34 01.

Request for information about ExIS seminar


For more information please email to info(at)exisab(dot)com or to any of the addresses on the contact page.† Last update: 2017-11-22

NOSA Symposium 2016

NOSA, the NOrdic Society for Aerosol Research will organise its next symposium in Aarhus, Denmark April 12-13.

Many of our partners will exhibit at NOSA. ExIS is participating at NOSA together with Grimm Aerosol and Grimmís distributor in Finland, Ekonia. Our partner Dekati will also exhibit at NOSA. We will update you on the symposium later.

Read more at the official web site of NOSA and the site for the NOSA symposium 2016.

NOSA home page

NOSA Symposium 2016 official site



NOSA-FAAR 2015 Symposium

NOSA, the NOrdic Society for Aerosol Research will organise its next symposium in Kuopio in Finland on March 12-13.

Many of our partners will exhibit at NOSA-FAAR 2015. We will update you on the symposium later.

Read more at the official web site of NOSA and the site for the 2015 symposium.

NOSA home page

NOSA-FAAR 2015 official site


ELPI+ demonstration

The ELPI+ instrument is available since autumn 2011. We will have the possibility to demonstrate the ELPI+ instrument in many different applications, including those where equipment for sampling and dilution is needed.

ELPI+ was introduced in autumn 2010 and the first deliveries started in early 2011. The classic (old) ELPI was the most sold instrument of its kind in the world and the new ELPI+ has received great attention. The new ELP+ is based on the same well-proven technology as the classic ELPI but it is a completely new design that provides many new features. ELPI+ is described in more detail in the documents attached below.

If you are interested in a demonstration of the ELPI+ instrument, please respond via

ELPI+ brochure

ELPI user newsletter 2010-09


Grimm training

Those of you who have purchased a Grimm instrument during the last year are entitled to one day of training at Grimm premises in Germany (Ainring or Pouch). This training is free of charge. Hotels can be booked with Grimmís discount.†

Contact us via the link below if you are interested in Grimm training.

Grimm training