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ExIS offers instrumentation for wide variety of aerosol measurements. We distribute top of the line products accompanied with a long experience of industrial measurements, techniques and result analysis.

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Documentation from Dekati seminar in Stockholm, October 9

On October 9, ExIS and Dekati held a seminar at the Royal Inst. in Stockholm (KTH). The documentation is now available. Just send an e-mail and ask. More

Dekati’s eFilter™ has been launched

Dekati’s e-filter is a new product for combined gravimetric and real-time particle mass (PM)measurements. The eFilter™ fits directly into existing PM sampling systems. More

Dekati maintenance videos

A great customer support for users of Dekati instruments is the maintenance instruction videos, which now have been made available on YouTube. More. Link to YouTube clips

Product demonstration videos - Grimm

Grimm has added a series of product demonstration videos at their website. More

Grimm 11-E optical aerosol spectrometer

The new Grimm 11-E aerosol spectrometer has been launched. More

High resolution ELPI+

Dekati has launched a high-resolution ELPI+™ instrument. It provides either 100 or 500 size channels from 6 nm to 10 mm more than any other real-time instrument. More

Topas aerosol generator FCS 248 for calibration

Topas has introduced the new FCS 248 aerosol generator for calibrating aerosol photometers and particle counters. More

On-board particle measurements with the Pegasor M-sensor

ExIS has conducted on-board PM and PN measurement on four passenger cars. More

On-board measurements of particle number with NanoMet3 from Matter

An update on the NanoMet3 instrument from Matter Aerosol for solid particle number measurements has been published in the Automotive Testing Technology magazine. More

Topas blow-by test rig BBT 143 available

Our partner Topas has launched the BBT143 test rig for measurement of oil aerosols in crankcase gases from combustion engines (blow-by emissions). More


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